Ways To Improve Your Mental Health in a Lockdown Part Four

Reading a powerful mindset can transform your thinking, during lockdown

I know many of you are out of lockdowns now, but this will still apply if you have the free time. The aim of this blog is to make you realise that you have an opportunity to change your life to something bigger and better! But first we need to make sure we will get through financially.

Prepare For a Job Change

Will we have a job at the end of this? Unfortunately we have to face the reality of these tough times. Some of us are (if not already have) going to lose our jobs. Others will lose hours or business won’t be good for a long time. This virus means the economy is in trouble, and the landscape is about to change. I am not going to go into why I believe people should be jumping at the chance to work online now. I am only going to say if thats something that you are considering, go click on the SFM tab at the top of this site. They can guide you like they guided me. But regardless, we need to expect the worst when it comes to our jobs. With this free time, its a good time to look at our C.V’s/Resume’s, and update them as needed.

This is also a great time to determine whether or not you are in the right job/career. Ask yourself some important questions, such as: Have you still got money coming in from your work? Or have you had to rely on government payouts? Are you happy with your work? I mean, REALLY happy? I am not talking about how much you make, but how you feel at work mentally. Do you enjoy what you are doing to the point that you go home in a good mood? And what about if the world has another crisis? Will your job get you through that financially?

This is a time where thousands of people are going to be jumping at opportunities to change jobs.. Why them and not you? There is no reason. If you determine you need to jump ship, then this is a good time to do it. The risk is low because you most likely have less to lose. Plus with the landscape evolving, there is a high chance you will make an long term improvement. Being in a positive work space also means you will be more mentally prepared for if something like this crisis, happens again..

Here is a video that really inspired me to start up this site. It features Gary Vaynerchuk whom I mentioned earlier, and its very applicable right now. Warning: Features strong language so not safe for work or children.

Positive Voices/Reading

I keep mentioning that I believe that the most important part of you day, is the morning. This is a belief of many influential speakers and writers, such as Hal Elrod. I have already referred to Hal’s book, The Miracle Morning. In this book, Hal discusses 7 things you can do before you start your day, to give yourself a mental boost. All of the activities are designed with positive thinking in mind.

Audiobook’s are handy in the way that you can listen to them anytime and anywhere!

One valuable morning activity, is reading. Now, recently I have discovered audiobook’s. There is nothing wrong with physical or e-books, but I do like an audiobook. I have been downloading and listening to a lot of motivational speakers. I always thought I wouldn’t be swayed by such speakers, but I was wrong. Tony Robbins is an obvious one. I am interested in working online, so I am getting the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk in my ear. He is blunt and doesn’t sugar coat anything. Get past that and I realized that he is a very smart person. He narrates his own books, meaning you can hear the power and inspiration of his words.

If a morning starts off with activities such as reading/listening to influential speakers, you are more likely to feel positive than you otherwise would. We can also use this time to read up about more mental illness specific information, from a number of sources. I will be discussing some good sources/books in the future.

Are you going to come out of this crisis a changed person, for the better? Or are you going to go back to your old ways where you accept mediocrity?

Ways To Improve Your Mental Health in a Lockdown Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Crisis Details For Africa

Nearly there! Here is the second to last list, this time for Africa!

Not many in this list, as you can imagine Africa needs a lot of help to set up these resources. Not many countries can provide help lines, but most of the ones I have found and verified, are listed below.

One exception is Ghana. Many other sites have listed Lifeline Ghana, but cannot agree on the correct number. Because exactly half websites had one number, the other half the other number, I do not feel comfortable putting in either number. A Google search only returned an organisation which tackles poverty in Ghana, no mention of mental health helplines.

This situation is a good reminder of how most crisis info lists online, are not very accurate. I am finding so many dead links, mistakes etc, in every list I am using as a starting point. Disturbingly, I can also tell that some of these sites have merely copied and pasted info off of others, without checking the details. This is why I will be checking every number and website on a yearly basis, while searching for new organisations/resources. Its all very well and good to provide these numbers, but not getting help when you reach out, because of inaccurate information, can be dangerous.

Anyway, onto the list!

Please note: I still have to research and hopefully add Liberia, Mauritius, Morocco, South Africa and Zimbabwe. So watch this space if your country is not below!

Note #2: Please excuse the odd inconsistency with spacing. WordPress does that a lot. Once I have finished the numbers, I will try and tidy it all up, if it lets me!


Suicide Hotline Algeria

Phone – 0021 3983 2000 58



Phone – 391 1270 0r 391 1290

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Lifeline-Organisation-Botswana-798239733539364/



Phone – 762 1602, 762 1603 or 762 2381
Website – https://befrienderscairo.com/
Email – befrienders@befrienderscairo.com


Befrienders Kenya (English and Kiswahili speaking)

Phone – 00254 722 178 177(6am – 9pm)

Website – https://www.befrienders.org/directory?country=Kenya

Email – info@befrienderskenya.org


Lifeline/Childline Namibia

Phone – 061 232221 (crisis line), 106 (Gender-Based Violence Helpline) 0r 116 (Child Helpline)


The Joy Hub

Phone – 0700 THE JOY HUB

Website – https://hub.joyinc.xyz/
Email – joy@joyinc.xyz

LUTH Suicide Research and Prevention Initiative

Phone – 09080217555, 09034400009, 08111909909 or 07013811143

Website – https://www.surpinng.com/


Childline and Lifeline

Phone – 116 (Childline) or 933 (Lifeline)

Website – https://clzambia.org/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/lifelinechildlinezambia/

Text Messaging available

Where Have I Been This Week?

Even this man was wondering where I went!

Today I want to speak directly from my state of mind. I aim to occasionally do this so you can see where I am in my journey to happiness, and what goes through my mind, in the moment.

After my enforced break, I DID say I was going to post on the weekend. I didn’t. Now and then, this will happen. Like many people who have mental illnesses, short term plans can get pushed aside when you go to a bad place. On Thursday night, I went to a bad place, and it took me until today (Wednesday) to come out of it.

What happened? Well I am not going to explain it all, because lots of little things happened (which is usually when I cannot cope – as opposed to one big thing). But it started with feeling down about a lot of my issues, most being things I need to do that I do not do enough. Friday morning I decided to target one issue at a time and push aside others. This to try and prevent my brain from being overcome. I believe its a great idea, but the rest of Friday was a bad day for other reasons. Saturday was much the same. It ended up with me just wanting to get away from everyone by spending a day or 2 (and overnight) alone in my car. That was until I pulled a muscle in my shoulder – sleeping in the car wasn’t going to work!

So after a few days I feel better, and ready to work on my plans to solve problems 1 by 1. Starting with social media. What makes me happy is helping people on various platforms. But lately all my energy has gone into the support group I am an admin of, on Facebook. On Sunday I did manage to offer some support to those in need, on Twitter. That is the other platform I want to be active on.

One place I did go, was the coast. It is so peaceful in a time of chaos!

So that’s the plan for the rest of today, hang out on Twitter. This weekend I am lucky enough to have 4 days off in a row! So hopefully I can stay out of that bad place. If so, I want to have researched and posted crisis sites for many nations of the great continent of Africa. I will see if I can add some more to Europe and/or Asia. Then on Monday I aim to post the next lockdown survival installment.

That’s all for now, stay safe, stay home, and be kind to one another!

I Am Back!

It took a little longer than expected, but tonight I have finally been able to return to my website! The government subsidy took a very long time to sort out! I am now back to posting on my usual Monday, Wednesday and Saturday cycle.

For now I have added crisis details to the Europe post, for Finland, Hungary, Iceland and Irelend. You will have to excuse the inconsistent spacing, wordpress is doing something funky when I add in new information!

Lockdown and my Site – An Update!

As much as I enjoy updating my blog, I have to take a short break!

Hello everyone, so I WAS going to write up another lockdown survival post, but unfortunately at the last minute I found out I was suddenly going back to work! Good news for me! Not so much good news for my blog! But that’s o.k, I will post it again when I can.

Just a reminder for those who missed it, I am taking an enforced break from the blog, only a short one. This is due to a mix up in my finances. I will be back when its sorted (hopefully next week!)

In the meantime, I am going to learn, and be active, on social media. From tomorrow Thursday April 30 and Friday May 1, will be active on Facebook, Saturday and Sunday I will be tackling Instagram, and Monday and Tuesday will be twitter! All of these will be New Zealand times, so a lot of you will be a day behind! I am not going to put in times, because it will be on and off during the day and night, and sometimes I will be out of wifi range.

So if you want to send me a message, or comment on any of my content that I put up, feel free to do so!

Hit the links below to find me on social media!

Facebook Twitter Instagram

Video #2 – A Short Break From My Blog (maybe)

Another video with my big ol' mug on!

Hello everyone! I may need to take a short break from posting on here, thanks to this lockdown. I will be back ASAP though, and I will still be posting tomorrow – possibly 2 posts!

So I shot a video explaining my plans, and I also explained what I am doing, to my Youtube viewers. I had posted the last video, talking about this site, and another video about my other project. I wasn’t expecting anyone to find those on their own, they did!

I talk about this site, die cast car racing (my other project, yes I am a big kid!!) and then That for the next week or so, I will be active on social media! Hope to see you all there! In the meantime, here is the video!

Crisis Details For Asia

More phone numbers and websites from agencies in Asia

Hello everyone!

Here are the numbers I have found so far for Asia. Please note, ‘so far’ are the key words. I want to remind everyone that this is an evolving project. First, I need to get every country that has help lines. South Korea and India, for example, are not on the list yet. Like Europe, I will add in more countries when I can. Also, numbers and other details change. Unlike a lot of other lists, I intend to update and check contact details at least twice a year. This is to make my lists as accurate as possible. But there is always a chance for errors or agencies I am missing. Some countries I am not finding anything! So if you have any corrections or other info, please do get in touch!


Public Union Initiative for Development – Crisis Hotline for ages 14 – 29

Phone – 510 66 36


(I am unable to find who runs these hotlines, but many sources have these numbers, so its safe to say these are accurate)
Phone – 0097 161 199 188, 0097 161 199 260, 0097 161 199 191 or 0097 161 199 334


Kaan Pete Roi

Website – Http://shuni.org


Beijing Suicide Research and Prevention Center

Phone 800 810 1117 (for landline callers) or 010 8295 1332 (for mobile callers)

Website – http://www.crisis.org.cn

Guangzhou Crisis Research and Intervention Center

Phone – 020 8189 9120 or 020 12320 5 (24/7)

Website – http://www.gzcrisis.com/

QQ Messenger – 1661042151

Lifeline Shanghai

Phone – 021 6279 8990 (10am – 10pm)

Website – Https://www.lifeline-shanghai.com/

Mental Health Center of School of Medicine of Zhejiang University

Phone – 0571 8502 9595 (24/7)

Website – http://www.hz7hospital.com/

Shanghai Mental Health Center

Phone – 021 6438 7250

Website – http://www.smhc.org.cn

Shenzhen Mental Health Center

Phone – 0755 25629459 (24/7)

Website – http://www.psyonline.co.cn


Kementerian Kesehatan

Phone – 150-0454

Website – https://www.kemkes.go.id/index.php?lg=LN02


Iran Organization of Well Being

Phone – 1480

Website – http://moshaver.behzisti.ir/page.aspx?id=1480


Befrienders – Osaka Suicide Prevent Center

Phone – 06 6260 4343 (Friday 1pm – Sunday 10pm)


Phone – 03 5774 0992 (9am – 11pm)

Online Chat – http://telljp.com/lifeline/tell-chat/


Families and Children

Phone – 110

Website – https://www.jordanriver.jo/en/programs/protecting-children/110-families-children


Befrienders Kota Kinabalu

Phone – 088 255 788 (7 – 10pm, outside these times, call Befrienders Kuala Lumpaar’s hotline)

Website – https://befrienderskk.weebly.com/

Facebook – www.facebook.com/befrienderskk

Befrienders Kuala Lumpar

Phone – 03 7627 2929 (24 hours)

Website – https://www.befrienders.org.my/

Skype – BefKL Skype 1

Email – sam@befrienders.org.my

Befrienders Penang

Phone – 604 2815 161 or 604 2811 108

Website – http://www.befpen.org/


National Center for Mental Health

Phone – (976) 1800 2000


MIND Suicide Prevention Helpline

Phone – 042 3576 1999

Umang Pakistan

Phone – +92 317 4288 665

Website – www.umang.com.pk


In Touch

Phone – +63 2 8893 7603, +63 917 800 1123 or +63 922 893 8944

Website – https://www.in-touch.org

Email – helpline@in-touch.org

Manila Lifeline Centre

Phone – (02) 896 9191 (24/7)

The Natasha Goulborn Foundation

Phone – 0917 558 4673 or (02) 804 4673

Website – http://www.ngf-hope.org/contact-us

National Center for Mental Health

Phone – 0917 899 8727 or (02) 989 8727 (24/7)

Saudi Arabia

National Center for Mental Health Promotion

Phone – 920 033 360

Website – http://ncmh.org.sa/index.php/pages/view/105/14/14


Institute of Mental Health

Phone – 6389 2000

Website – https://www.imh.com.sg/

Samaritans of Singapore

Phone – 1800 221 4444 (free and 24 hour)

Website – https://sos.org.sg/

Email – pat@sos.org.sg

Tinkle Friend – Children’s Helpline

Phone – 1800 2744 788 (Monday – Friday, 2.30pm – 5pm)

Website – https://www.tinklefriend.sg/

Touchline Counselling

Phone – 1800 377 2252

Website – https://www.touch.org.sg/


Kaohsiung Life Line

Phone – 1995

Website – http://www.life1995.org.tw/

Taiwan Suicide Prevention Center

Phone – 1925

Website – https://www.tsos.org.tw/web/home


Samaritans of Thailand

Phone – 712 6793


Suicide Crisis Hotline

Phone – 182

Way To Improve Your Mental Health in a Lockdown Part Three

Lockdown is a great time to working on projects you have been putting off like restoring a motorbike

So by now a lot of the world is now in some form of lockdown or quarantine. In fact here in New Zealand, we are a week from exiting ours! Exciting! Today I want to speak about 2 more things I am doing in this lockdown, that may help you too!

Get into routine

Now this one is very important. This is a very confusing and depressing time. Our thoughts are all over the place which adds to the stress. So, we need to try and trick our brain into thinking that everything is calm and under control. How? Act as if it is by doing the same things at the same times, like you would if things were back to normal. I am getting up early, having a shower and getting dressed, and having breakfast. Just like I would if I were going into work. Ladies, you might want to even put on make up if you wear it. Even though we are staying home, we are tricking our brain into thinking that not as much has changed. Then we are less likely to have the effects of such a change. Such as the stress, the anxiety, or even depression . This will also help when we exit lockdown, as it will be easier to slot back into our pre lockdown lives.

Getting into a familiar routine, is important in a lockdown. So if you normally wear make-up to work, put some on as if you are still going to work!

Clearing the mental desk

I heard this tip from Stuart Ross, co-owner of Six Figure Mentors. He says we should do this exercise a couple of times a year, but a lockdown is a great time to do it too! I have done it several times because of the amount of free time I have.
First, set aside a day where you can have the least amount of distractions. Next, write down everything on your mind, that can be solved by doing something about it. So it might be a project you have been putting off, something that needs fixing or someone you want to talk to. Make a list and then order them of most to least important. Cross off the ones that are not possible because of the lockdown or any other circumstances. Then on the assigned day, focus all of your energy into doing as many of these tasks as you can.

The point of this, is to get the things out of our head, that are weighing us down. The guilt, the pressure (from ourselves and others) and the anxiety will be far less when these tasks are complete. Then we can approach other areas of our life feeling better and have a clearer mind. If you have been doing the miracle morning that I mentioned in part one, you can replace the negative thoughts with the positive from your mornings. These two exercises, are likely to improve your overall mental health, as it has mine.

I have 2 more parts to this series to go (at least – I keep finding new ideas as I go!) Here is part one and part two, in case you missed them. Keep an eye out for the next 2!

Why I Decided to Attempt a World Record

Football is a big passion of mine

As you may have heard me talk about on my recent video, I set a world record on March 11th last year. Today I will share the three things, that got me to that point!


I have always been a fan of football/soccer. When I was little I played as a defender for about 6 years. I was ok, though in my final season I was named player of the year. By the time I started playing again, I was a 26 year old who was too short for defending! So I taught myself how to be an attacker. I played for a social university team, and set up my first indoor team. In 11 years I set up 8 indoor teams, 4 of which are still running today. I scored just over 500 goals in indoor and 8 in my 2 seasons playing outdoor. In 2018 I quit due to anxiety causing problems in games.

World Records

I may make a return soon. I intended on playing a few final games as in my last game, I had a big panic attack. I want to end on a high. But recently I have considered returning full time, as my mental health has improved. But we will see. Last year I hurt my knee slightly and then my shoulder. My knee I can manage but my shoulder means I cannot play right now.

When I was little, my mum gave me a copy of the Guinness Book of Records. I was amazed by these super human efforts, and I decided that I wanted to be a record holder one day. As the years passed, I assumed my chances were non existent. That I didnt have the skill or endurance that was needed. But then I found the Guinness website. All of a sudden I was finding records that I hadn’t known about!

At first, I set about making plans to break the record for the longest ever game of indoor soccer. Then we have to change to the longest ever game of futsal. Sadly I was not able to motivate people to train, so I quit the project. That was when I found the record for the most penalties taken in an hour. I realized I needed very hardly any help, so I was able to prepare mostly on my own!

Mental Illness

You already know a lot of my story when it comes to mental illness. I have had depression and anxiety since my mid to late teens, so 20 years or so. These last 10 years its been mostly better than what it was in the first 10 years. That is aside from a period in 2015 which I will talk about later, even ones that are not football related!

Around 10 years ago, a friend’s relative had taken his own life. The was the second friend it had happened to. So my friend and I discussed ways to spread awareness for mental illness. Nothing came from this, but it sparked something in me. I felt like I had to do something, not knowing what that was, besides commenting on social media.

A perfect combination to make a great event!

My 3 passions got me to this point!

Football, world records and mental illness. Three things I am and was passionate about, when I opened the Guinness’ world records page. Those 3 passions fueled my imagination, then the ideas that came. I was able to find a record that I could attempt based on 2 passions, while using the event to raise money and awareness for the third.

So where to from here? I intent to repeat the record. While trying to raise more money than last time (and break my own record). I may do that towards the end of this year. I will also attempt other records in the future, even ones not football related!

I will talk more about my attempt in 1 or 2 other posts so keep an eye out for them!

What about you? What are your passions? Can you combine them into an awesome project? Send me a message below, I would love to hear it!

Crisis Details for Europe

I have searched many phone and online resources for if you are in a crisis and need help

Hello everyone. Here is crisis info for most European countries. I have still some to add, so watch this space. There are several countries that are classed as ‘cross continental’. That means, they have (or there is debate that they have) parts of their country in more than one continent. For this exercise, I have gone for the more common interpretation. For example, most people agree that Iceland is in Europe (as opposed to North America). I have included Russia despite a large part of the country being in Asia, and Cyprus. But I have excluded Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhstan. I will put all of these countries on the Asia list.


ALO116 – national helpline for children

Phone – 116 111

Website – https://www.alo116.al/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ALO116

Twitter – https://twitter.com/alo116albania


Trust Social Work and Sociological Research Centre – Face to face, phone and letter support.

Phone – (2) 538194 or (2) 538197


Austria Austrian Suicide Hotline

Phone – 017133374

Kriseninterventionszentrum – Vienna only

Phone – 01 4069595

Website – http://www.kriseninterventionszentrum.at/en/

Email Counselling – https://kriseninterventionszentrum.beranet.info/ (German Only)

Rat Auf Draht – Phone counselling for children

Phone – 147

Website – https://www.rataufdraht.at/telefonberatung


Phone – 142

Website – http://www.telefonseelsorge.at


Centre de Prevention du Suicide – support in French

Phone – 80032123

Website – https://www.preventionsuicide.be/fr/j-ai-besoin-d-aide.html

Stichting Zelfmoordlijn – support in Dutch

Phone – 1813

Website – https://www.zelfmoord1813.be/chat-met-zelfmoordlijn-1813


Hrabi Teleforn

Phone 116 111 or 0800 0800

Plavi Telefon

Phone – 01 4833 888

Website – http://www.plavi-telefon.hr/


Assosciation for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family

Phone – 1440

Website – www.domviolence.org.cv

Cyprus Samaritans

Phone 8000 7773 (Between 4pm and Midnight)

Website – http://www.cyprussamaritans.org/

Youth Board of Cyprus

Phone – 1410

Website – https://onek.org.cy/en/home-page/programs-and-service/counseling-services/e-counseling/ – E-Counselling available Monday to Friday 10am – 11pm, Saturday and Sunday 3pm – 11pm


Linka Bezpeci

Phone – 116 111

Website – https://www.linkabezpeci.cz/

Modra Linka

Phone – 608 902 410

Website – https://www.modralinka.cz/english/

Online Chat – https://enchat.modralinka.cz/ (Monday 9am – 3pm and 6pm – 9pm)


Bornetelefonen – Help for children

Phone and text – 116111

Online (chat and email) – http://bornetelefonen.dk/faa-hjaelp/


Phone – 70 201 201

2 X types of online chat on their website – Http://livslinien.dk


Estonian Lifeline

Phone – 372 655 8088

– 15333 (for foreign women in Estonia, Mondays 10am – 3pm)

Website – https://www.eluliin.ee/en


Finnish Assosciation for Mental Health

Phone – 010 195 202 (Finnish Nationals) or (09) 4135 0501 (foreigners)

Mieli Suomen Mielenterveys Ry

Phone – 09 2525 0111 (Finnish, 24/7), 09 2525 0112 (Swedish, Mon, Wed 4pm – 8pm and Tue, Thu and Fri 9am – 1pm) or 09 2525 0113 (Arabic, Mon and Tue 11am – 3pm, Wed 1pm – 4pm and 5pm – 9pm, and Thu 10am – 3pm)

Website – https://mieli.fi/fi/

Online Chat – https://sekassin247.fi/ (12-29 year olds, Weekdays 9am – Midnight, Weekends 3pm – Midnight)

Discord – discord.gg.sekasin (12-29 year olds)

Nuoreten Netti (youth and children)

Phone – 116 111 (Every day of the year, Mon – Fri 2pm – 8pm, Sat and Sun 5pm – 8pm)

Website – https://www.nuortennetti.fi/



Phone – 0800 111 0 111 (Protestant), 0800 111 0 222 (Catholic) or 0800 111 0 333 (Children/Youth)


Klimaka Crisis Line

Phone – 1018 (Local calling fee applies)


Hungarian Spiritual First Aid Telephone Services Association (LESZ)

Phone – 116 123

Website – http://www.sos116-123.hu

Kek Vonal (Children and Youth)

Phone – 116 111

Website – http://kek-vonal.hu

S.O.S Telefonos

Phone – 116 123

Website – https://lelkisegely-szeged.hu/


Suicide Helpline

Phone – 1717



Phone – 116 123

Website – https://www.samaritans.org

Email – jo@samaritans.org


Samaritans Onlus – Crisis hotline

Phone – 800860022

Website – http://www.samaritansonlus.org/

Telefono Amico

Phone – 02 2327 2327

Website – http://www2.telefonoamico.it/

Email – mail@micatai

Telefono Azzurro – Help for kids, teens ansd adults

Phone – 19696

Website – https://azzurro.it/en/

Online Message – https://azzurro.it/en/write-us/


No crisis line at the time of writing but watch this space, one is planned



Phone – +371 6 7222922 or +371 2 7722292

Website – https://www.skalbes.lv/en/


Jaunimo Linija – Youth Line

Phone 8 800 28888

Website – https://www.jaunimolinija.lt/lt/pagalba/pagalba-laiskais/

Vaiku Linija – Child Line

Phone – 116 111

Website – https://www.vaikulinija.lt/en/#sidebar


Altruism Assosciation Moldova – Help in Russian and Romanian

Phone – 0037360806623 (Midday – 5pm, weekdays only)

Email – ajuter@pentruviata.md

Website – https://www.pentruviata.md/

North Macedonia

Childrens Embassy in the World

Phone – 02 2465 316

Website – http://www.childrensembassy.org.mk/home.nspx


Fundacja Dzieci Niczyje

Phone 116 111


Olsztynski Telefon Zaufania

Phone – 89 19288 or 89 527 00 00

Website – http://telefonzaufania.org/


Sos Voz Amiga

Phone – 213 544 545, 912 802 669 or 963 524 660 (All available 4pm – 12am)

Website – http://www.sosvozamiga.org/

Voz de Apoio

Phone – 225 50 60 70 (Portuguese)

Website – http://www.vozdeapoio.pt/

Email – sos@vozdeapoio.pt

Skype – Voz de Apoio (Portuguese)


Romanian Alliance for Suicide Prevention

Phone – 0800 801 200

Website – https://www.antisuicid.com/



Phone – 007 (8202) 577 577


Centar SRCE

Phone – 0800 300 303 (5-11pm)

Website – http://centarsrce.org/en/index.php (english) or http://centarsrce.org/index.php (serbian)

Email – vanja@centarsrce.org

SOS Telephone – For women victims of violence

Phone – 037 23 025


Lifeline Ukraine – Support for Veterens

Phone – 7333

Website – https://lifelineukraine.com/en/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/LifelineUkraine

Twitter – https://twitter.com/LifelineUkraine

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/lifelineukraine/

Telephone of Confidence

Phone – 058

United Kingdom

Samaritans Phone – 116 123

Campaign Against Living Miserably – Mens helplines Phone – 0800 58 58 58 (All of U.K.) or 0808 802 58 58 (London). (Both numbers 5pm – Midnight)