Introduction to myself and my site

Who am I?

If you do not know my name yet, look at the address bar! Well….minus the .org, I would say that would be illegal to have .org in your name, but with all the strange names floating around now…

Anyway I digress, yes my name is Matthew Harding. Who? Well good question. I am just a guy who has been struggling with depression and anxiety for a long time. I have felt a need to speak out about mental illness, but until now, I didn’t know how. More about that when I describe what I am doing with this website.

I believe that the main problem with mental illness, is that society doesn’t understand what it is and how it affects us. Much of society thinks that mental illness is not a serious problem or that it doesn’t even exist! Because of this, when it comes to professional help, governments are reluctant to fund resources and personel. Their focus is more with pleasing the voters and staying in power.

More about me

I am a 37 year old from Wellington, New Zealand. I currently work with animals (mainly dogs) in the day. I live with my partner of 3 years, as well as a LOT of pets. 9 fish, 8 chickens, 5 mice, and a cat.

I like to watch football (soccer) – I am a fan of Tottenham in England, and Wellington Phoenix here in New Zealand. Until last year, I played indoor football, I have created and captained 8 teams in 3 cities. 4 of these teams still play to this day. I quit last year due to my anxiety starting to creep into the sport I loved. I have wanted to play at least one more game, as in my last game I had bad anxiety. But I have injured both my neck and my knee, earlier this year.

Mens football game
Football is a big passion of mine, I watch a lot as well as play when I am not injured or unwell!

Speaking of football, I attempted to break a world record back in March this year. The record was most football penalties taken in an hour. The amount that I took was well over the target, but at the time of writing, Guinness are still checking the evidence. This is to make sure I broke the record in the correct way. But its looking promising. I aim to attempt the record regardless, for a second time, in March 2020. That is if I can shake these injuries. Both record attempts aim to raise money and awareness for a local mental health charity.

About this website

The main point of this website is two-fold. Firstly, I want to share the knowledge I have gained so far in my journey. Just a few years ago I was in similar shoes to many of you. I knew that I had depression and anxiety, and that they caused negative effects to my well being. But that’s all I knew. Why I was like this was mostly a mystery to me. And what to do about it besides taking pills? I didn’t have a clue!

In 2015 I hit rock bottom, yet I wasn’t entitled to free help. This meant I have had to work on my mental illnesses mainly on my own. In the 4 and a half years since, I have come a long way, and learnt a lot about myself. I know that so many of you will be able to relate to my past. Therefore the things that have worked for me, might work for you.

Secondly, I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go. As you are probably aware, being cured from depression and anxiety is rare. Instead, we have to be able to manage our illnesses so that they are less intrusive and less potent. I am researching ways to do this, as well as looking out for resources that I can use to improve my lifestyle. I will share this information with you, as well as the things I find do NOT help me and so might be things you should avoid.

Knowledge is the key. The more we can understand whats going on in our brain, the more we will know what positive changes we need to make, in our day to day lives. These changes will ensure that our illnesses do not cause as much harm.

Searching for resources
I might not use a magnifying glass, but I am on the search for resources that you and I can use to help manage our depression and anxiety.

Finally, there are three more sections to the website that may interest you.

  • Firstly is information and progress on my world record attempts. Here I will discuss my previous attempts, as well as what I am planning for the future.
  • Secondly is Secondlife and my presence in this virtual world. I will tell you about M.I.S.H (Mental Illness Safe Haven) which consists of a dance club and games area where we will hold events. Plus there is an area reserved for group discussions (and the odd talk) about mental illness and the topics I cover in my blog.
  • Lastly is SFM (Six Figure Mentors) who provide online marketing teaching. This a great opportunity to create a stress free lifestyle by working from home promoting goods and services that you love! Best of all it is safe and you can set it up around your current job. There is a lot more info on the SFM page and I will share my honest feedback on my journey with SFM, in the SFM page of my blog.

Matthew Harding – What works for me, might work for you.

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