Is Six Figure Mentors a Scam?

In my post on March 1, I outlined Six Figure Mentors. I finished by asking if SFM was a scam, or other shady venture. I took the plunge and joined SFM in June 2019, so I am 10 months in. And I am pleased to announce that I have not found any indications of such allegations.

So lets address them individually.

– Now the SFM program is not free, and to be honest, its not cheap. This is because they pay a lot of experts to help give advice and help to members. Not only that, but the essential package has nearly everything you need to get set up. For whatever package you choose, there is a risk free 30 day money back guarantee. You can try it out to see if its for you. If not, you get your money back, no questions asked. The exclusive community online full of people sharing their successes as well as their struggles. This is definitely not a scam.

I want to mention another thing which sealed the deal for me. At the start of this year, Six Figure Mentors overhauled their platform. Now its important to note, the old platform was not broken. But the new platform brought new opportunities for members to support each other and share knowledge. For us members, its a big deal. How much more are we paying now? Nothing! Co-owner Stuart Ross said that he was not comfortable with the product and the amount of value his members were getting. So they made some massive changes, for free!! Do you see any scam’s putting that much effort in to support members? Nope!

Get rich quick scheme – If only it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. You get what you put in with SFM, you need to work hard to reap the rewards later. Can you get rich off of it? Absolutely. How long would that take? For most people a long time! Results vary wildly, mainly because of how much work people are putting in (to themselves and to their work), and how disciplined, patient etc, they are. You can easily do this along side a full time job, but the more consistent time and effort you put in, the more likely you will succeed.

Some people will think that if you use Six Figure Mentors, money will pile up in no time. This is very unlikely!
Some people will think that if you use Six Figure Mentors, money will pile up in no time. This is very unlikely!

Pyramid scheme – Now I can see the thinking behind this. You are given an opportunity to market SFM’s own packages. Lots of people do this because it can really help increase your earnings. Pyramid schemes also pay people to find more members. But they do not have any benefits other than commission for sign up’s. Whereas SFM provides so many other benefits like one on one help from experts, a supportive community, and access to any related training you can think of. As well as packages that provide a platform to build on no matter what you decide to market.

I urge you all to go click on the link above to go the introduction from Stuart Ross. He explains Six Figure Mentors in more detail. Once you subscribe, you will get a sneak peek behind the scenes, and video’s designed to help you decide if SFM is right for you. The staff at SFM insist that you only sign up if you are confident that its a path you are interested in. They do not want you to waste your time if you are half interested.

Not interested? Great, you won’t hear much more from me about Six Figure Mentors, besides a more detailed explanation. But I will keep bringing other types resources to you, both free and paid. I intend to help you manage your illness and health, in effective ways!

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