Ways To Improve Your Mental Health In A Lockdown Part Two

A lot of people out there will be feeling lonely and depressed right now. We have no choice to have limited contact with others And it is also easy to fall into the traps of being unproductive , binge watching tv shows or gaming all day. The lack of movement won’t be helping out body or our mind. These are 2 more things that I am doing to help with my mental health

1, Keeping up communication We shouldn’t be waiting until a crisis to get in touch with loved ones, but if there is any time to do it, its now. Let them know you love them! We have the obvious methods of phone calls and text messaging which is nice and easy. Then we have video calling on apps like Skype and WhatsApp.

But we are also lucky enough to be going through this in the age of social media. With sites like Facebook, I have a lot of friends and family at my fingertips. Its really easy to check in on everyone. Just be careful with this suggestion. Social media can be very negative in a time like this. You want to be viewing more positive material, than negative. Especially if negativity can bring you down and/or put you in your own negative mindset, like it does with me.

Support groups are really helpful at this stressful tme too. I am an admin of a group on Facebook called Mental Health and Awareness Support (shameful plug!). We have thousands of members asking for and giving advice, a lot of it lockdown and virus based. Just do your due dilligence when looking for support groups and remember that most people cannot offer you professional help.

But what about communication in-person? Well one of the few people we can still talk to is our neighbours (over the fence and from a distance of course!). They might be very lonely too or need some help. Who knows, we could be a part of the stories that we are hearing. Like the neighbours singing to children, or putting on musical performances from their balconies!

Which leads me onto my next suggestion…

2, Getting some exercise outside

Empty streets create a creat opportunity for exercise
The streets are rather empty, take advantage by getting some exercise with limited worries of getting to close to others

Its amazing what fresh air and exercise can do for the mind. Exercise is well known to help improve your mental health. I am trying to go out for a walk every day. So if allowed go for one yourself, or maybe run or cycle.. And if you have children (or dogs!), stretching their legs will hopefully release some pent up energy! Speaking of children, do you have any teddy bears in the house? If so, join us in taking part in the teddy bear hunt! Lots of people are placing teddy bears in their windows. The kids on walks can have a look for them! Of course, remember physical distancing. Try to stick to roads where you can cross over, or aim for quieter times in the day.

Have you spoken to family, friends, or your neighbours today? Have you been outside and exercised? If not, what are you waiting for?

If you missed Part One, here you go – Ways To Improve Your Mental Health In A Lockdown Part One

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