Way To Improve Your Mental Health in a Lockdown Part Three

So by now a lot of the world is now in some form of lockdown or quarantine. In fact here in New Zealand, we are a week from exiting ours! Exciting! Today I want to speak about 2 more things I am doing in this lockdown, that may help you too!

Get into routine

Now this one is very important. This is a very confusing and depressing time. Our thoughts are all over the place which adds to the stress. So, we need to try and trick our brain into thinking that everything is calm and under control. How? Act as if it is by doing the same things at the same times, like you would if things were back to normal. I am getting up early, having a shower and getting dressed, and having breakfast. Just like I would if I were going into work. Ladies, you might want to even put on make up if you wear it. Even though we are staying home, we are tricking our brain into thinking that not as much has changed. Then we are less likely to have the effects of such a change. Such as the stress, the anxiety, or even depression . This will also help when we exit lockdown, as it will be easier to slot back into our pre lockdown lives.

Getting into a familiar routine, is important in a lockdown. So if you normally wear make-up to work, put some on as if you are still going to work!

Clearing the mental desk

I heard this tip from Stuart Ross, co-owner of Six Figure Mentors. He says we should do this exercise a couple of times a year, but a lockdown is a great time to do it too! I have done it several times because of the amount of free time I have.
First, set aside a day where you can have the least amount of distractions. Next, write down everything on your mind, that can be solved by doing something about it. So it might be a project you have been putting off, something that needs fixing or someone you want to talk to. Make a list and then order them of most to least important. Cross off the ones that are not possible because of the lockdown or any other circumstances. Then on the assigned day, focus all of your energy into doing as many of these tasks as you can.

The point of this, is to get the things out of our head, that are weighing us down. The guilt, the pressure (from ourselves and others) and the anxiety will be far less when these tasks are complete. Then we can approach other areas of our life feeling better and have a clearer mind. If you have been doing the miracle morning that I mentioned in part one, you can replace the negative thoughts with the positive from your mornings. These two exercises, are likely to improve your overall mental health, as it has mine.

I have 2 more parts to this series to go (at least – I keep finding new ideas as I go!) Here is part one and part two, in case you missed them. Keep an eye out for the next 2!

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