Lockdown and my Site – An Update!

Hello everyone, so I WAS going to write up another lockdown survival post, but unfortunately at the last minute I found out I was suddenly going back to work! Good news for me! Not so much good news for my blog! But that’s o.k, I will post it again when I can.

Just a reminder for those who missed it, I am taking an enforced break from the blog, only a short one. This is due to a mix up in my finances. I will be back when its sorted (hopefully next week!)

In the meantime, I am going to learn, and be active, on social media. From tomorrow Thursday April 30 and Friday May 1, will be active on Facebook, Saturday and Sunday I will be tackling Instagram, and Monday and Tuesday will be twitter! All of these will be New Zealand times, so a lot of you will be a day behind! I am not going to put in times, because it will be on and off during the day and night, and sometimes I will be out of wifi range.

So if you want to send me a message, or comment on any of my content that I put up, feel free to do so!

Hit the links below to find me on social media!

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