Where Have I Been This Week?

Today I want to speak directly from my state of mind. I aim to occasionally do this so you can see where I am in my journey to happiness, and what goes through my mind, in the moment.

After my enforced break, I DID say I was going to post on the weekend. I didn’t. Now and then, this will happen. Like many people who have mental illnesses, short term plans can get pushed aside when you go to a bad place. On Thursday night, I went to a bad place, and it took me until today (Wednesday) to come out of it.

What happened? Well I am not going to explain it all, because lots of little things happened (which is usually when I cannot cope – as opposed to one big thing). But it started with feeling down about a lot of my issues, most being things I need to do that I do not do enough. Friday morning I decided to target one issue at a time and push aside others. This to try and prevent my brain from being overcome. I believe its a great idea, but the rest of Friday was a bad day for other reasons. Saturday was much the same. It ended up with me just wanting to get away from everyone by spending a day or 2 (and overnight) alone in my car. That was until I pulled a muscle in my shoulder – sleeping in the car wasn’t going to work!

So after a few days I feel better, and ready to work on my plans to solve problems 1 by 1. Starting with social media. What makes me happy is helping people on various platforms. But lately all my energy has gone into the support group I am an admin of, on Facebook. On Sunday I did manage to offer some support to those in need, on Twitter. That is the other platform I want to be active on.

One place I did go, was the coast. It is so peaceful in a time of chaos!

So that’s the plan for the rest of today, hang out on Twitter. This weekend I am lucky enough to have 4 days off in a row! So hopefully I can stay out of that bad place. If so, I want to have researched and posted crisis sites for many nations of the great continent of Africa. I will see if I can add some more to Europe and/or Asia. Then on Monday I aim to post the next lockdown survival installment.

That’s all for now, stay safe, stay home, and be kind to one another!

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