Crisis Details For Africa

Nearly there! Here is the second to last list, this time for Africa!

Not many in this list, as you can imagine Africa needs a lot of help to set up these resources. Not many countries can provide help lines, but most of the ones I have found and verified, are listed below.

One exception is Ghana. Many other sites have listed Lifeline Ghana, but cannot agree on the correct number. Because exactly half websites had one number, the other half the other number, I do not feel comfortable putting in either number. A Google search only returned an organisation which tackles poverty in Ghana, no mention of mental health helplines.

This situation is a good reminder of how most crisis info lists online, are not very accurate. I am finding so many dead links, mistakes etc, in every list I am using as a starting point. Disturbingly, I can also tell that some of these sites have merely copied and pasted info off of others, without checking the details. This is why I will be checking every number and website on a yearly basis, while searching for new organisations/resources. Its all very well and good to provide these numbers, but not getting help when you reach out, because of inaccurate information, can be dangerous.

Anyway, onto the list!

Please note: I still have to research and hopefully add Mauritius, Morocco, South Africa and Zimbabwe. So watch this space if your country is not below!

Note #2: Please excuse the odd inconsistency with spacing. WordPress does that a lot. Once I have finished the numbers, I will try and tidy it all up, if it lets me!


Suicide Hotline Algeria

Phone – 0021 3983 2000 58



Phone – 391 1270 0r 391 1290

Facebook –



Phone – 762 1602, 762 1603 or 762 2381
Website –
Email –


Befrienders Kenya (English and Kiswahili speaking)

Phone – 00254 722 178 177(6am – 9pm)

Website –

Email –


Lifeline Liberia

Phone – 653 4308


Lifeline/Childline Namibia

Phone – 061 232221 (crisis line), 106 (Gender-Based Violence Helpline) 0r 116 (Child Helpline)


The Joy Hub

Phone – 0700 THE JOY HUB

Website –
Email –

LUTH Suicide Research and Prevention Initiative

Phone – 09080217555, 09034400009, 08111909909 or 07013811143

Website –


Childline and Lifeline

Phone – 116 (Childline) or 933 (Lifeline)

Website –

Facebook –

Text Messaging available

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