Ways To Improve Your Mental Health in a Lockdown Part Four

I know many of you are out of lockdowns now, but this will still apply if you have the free time. The aim of this blog is to make you realise that you have an opportunity to change your life to something bigger and better! But first we need to make sure we will get through financially.

Prepare For a Job Change

Will we have a job at the end of this? Unfortunately we have to face the reality of these tough times. Some of us are (if not already have) going to lose our jobs. Others will lose hours or business won’t be good for a long time. This virus means the economy is in trouble, and the landscape is about to change. I am not going to go into why I believe people should be jumping at the chance to work online now. I am only going to say if thats something that you are considering, go click on the SFM tab at the top of this site. They can guide you like they guided me. But regardless, we need to expect the worst when it comes to our jobs. With this free time, its a good time to look at our C.V’s/Resume’s, and update them as needed.

This is also a great time to determine whether or not you are in the right job/career. Ask yourself some important questions, such as: Have you still got money coming in from your work? Or have you had to rely on government payouts? Are you happy with your work? I mean, REALLY happy? I am not talking about how much you make, but how you feel at work mentally. Do you enjoy what you are doing to the point that you go home in a good mood? And what about if the world has another crisis? Will your job get you through that financially?

This is a time where thousands of people are going to be jumping at opportunities to change jobs.. Why them and not you? There is no reason. If you determine you need to jump ship, then this is a good time to do it. The risk is low because you most likely have less to lose. Plus with the landscape evolving, there is a high chance you will make an long term improvement. Being in a positive work space also means you will be more mentally prepared for if something like this crisis, happens again..

Here is a video that really inspired me to start up this site. It features Gary Vaynerchuk whom I mentioned earlier, and its very applicable right now. Warning: Features strong language so not safe for work or children.

Positive Voices/Reading

I keep mentioning that I believe that the most important part of you day, is the morning. This is a belief of many influential speakers and writers, such as Hal Elrod. I have already referred to Hal’s book, The Miracle Morning. In this book, Hal discusses 7 things you can do before you start your day, to give yourself a mental boost. All of the activities are designed with positive thinking in mind.

Audiobook’s are handy in the way that you can listen to them anytime and anywhere!

One valuable morning activity, is reading. Now, recently I have discovered audiobook’s. There is nothing wrong with physical or e-books, but I do like an audiobook. I have been downloading and listening to a lot of motivational speakers. I always thought I wouldn’t be swayed by such speakers, but I was wrong. Tony Robbins is an obvious one. I am interested in working online, so I am getting the likes of Gary Vaynerchuk in my ear. He is blunt and doesn’t sugar coat anything. Get past that and I realized that he is a very smart person. He narrates his own books, meaning you can hear the power and inspiration of his words.

If a morning starts off with activities such as reading/listening to influential speakers, you are more likely to feel positive than you otherwise would. We can also use this time to read up about more mental illness specific information, from a number of sources. I will be discussing some good sources/books in the future.

Are you going to come out of this crisis a changed person, for the better? Or are you going to go back to your old ways where you accept mediocrity?

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