World Record Attempt – The Next Steps

I want to share with you all, whats next for my world record breaking. At the moment, my plan does not consist of much. So why share? Well, I have learnt that you are more likely to follow through on a goal, if you tell people. So here I am, making it public!

The Last Attempt

As you will recall from my earlier post, I broke the world record for ‘Most Football Penalties in an Hour’. The official count was 359. Unfortunately, there was a scoring error. I recounted after watching back the footage, and got 391 and 393 with both counts. Guinness decided to take the number counted on the day, which was slightly upsetting. But this proves to me that I can break my own record!

So that’s my next plan, reattempt my previous attempt! This time I will be setting myself a new goal, not only to beat my own record, but break the 400 mark. In my first attempt, my training as well as the half an hour before, was not ideal. I didn’t train quite as much as I should have, and I got too involved with setting up the event, that I didn’t even warm up!

The Next One!

I cannot wait to have the winning feeling, of breaking a world record again!

So there will be changes to the next event. Not only does the scoring need to be improved, and I need to prepare better, but we had a problem with one of the camera’s cutting out the action! Plus the evidence was a headache to work out! But this time around I know what to expect, so hopefully there will be no errors. Plus, my helpers from last time will all help again I believe!

I want to promote mental illness again. I am still debating whether or not to promote my charity of choice – Voices of Hope. Or perhaps I could choose a new one. Or maybe this blog! Regardless, with more time, I can focus more on promotion. Perhaps I can turn it into a bigger event this time? We shall see.

One thing I do know, is that second time around will be bigger and better. Barring injury or illness, I am very confident of my chances.

I am yet to lock in any dates, but I will probably be aiming for November or March 2021. It will depend on the availability of the field and if I can return to training shortly, and if I can get through it. My shoulder injury is still slightly playing up, so I may have to delay until March.

Either way, stay tuned here, for updates. Because this time you guys will come along for the ride with my preparations!

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