My name is Matthew Harding (surprise!!) and I am 37 years old from New Zealand. Alongside this little project, I work part time walking and looking after dogs (and the occasional cat, rabbit, fish etc). I live in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, that tiny country to the east of that huge country – Australia.

When I was 17 years old was the first time I realized that something wasn’t quite right with me. For a long time, I wanted a girlfriend, and that year, I got one! Well…briefly, it was over as fast as it began. I was a mess. My friends told me I had to get over it. I couldn’t. Why not? It wasn’t for a few years before I was diagnosed with depression, and short time later, anxiety. But I know that depression was present after that break up.

In 2007 I moved to Dunedin to attend the famous University of Otago. My first experience flatting with students started by me moving into a flat with one of my new flatmates not there for a couple of months. Her brother had just committed suicide. I ended up becoming good friends with her once she returned. By 2009 I had made many more friends, and again, in 2010, a relative of another close friend committed suicide. Later, both of us discussed doing something to raise awareness, but it never came into fruition.

Fast forward to 2016 and that burning desire to raise awareness was still there. I was on Facebook occasionally spreading my messages, but nothing major. It was then I got my first break through idea. I relised that I could combine 3 passions – Mental illness awareness, football (soccer to some of you!) and world records. The latter I had always wanted to become a record holder, but I assumed I was too old, at 34. But what if I could attempt a football related world record while raising money and awareness for charity?

From 2018-2018 I was hard at work, planning the attempt for the worlds longest ever game of futsal. But whilst I had a few people who were willing to work hard to make it happen, I struggled to find enough people who cared and/or were motivated to help me put it together. Out of frustration, I gave up and immediately decided to attempt a record on my own, and on March 12, 2019, I attempted to break the record for the most football penalties taken in an hour. I took 392 penalties (I had to beat 250), and raised a small amount of money for my charity of choice – Voices of Hope. However we had a problem with filming the event, and scoring, 2 things that Guinness are strict on. At the time of writing, Guinness are still assessing my evidence.

Due to the chances of rejection from Guinness, and the fact that I didn’t raise much money for charity, I decided to attempt more records. I applied to break 2 new records – most consecutive futsal penalties, and most futsal penalties in an hour, but Guinness rejected my plans. At the time of writing, I am in the process of planning a second attempt of the football penalties record, which will be scheduled for the start of 2020.

At the start of June, 2019, I decided I wanted to start my own online business. Within a month, I had my idea – a website devoted to bringing valuable information and resources about mental illness, together for ease of access for those who need it. Within 2 months, I had my website, and conducted some work on myself to prepare my mind, as well as comprehensively researched the market, and how to monetize my efforts.

So, occasionally I will be bringing you resources that are not free. Please rest assured that although some of these resources I will be earning a small amount if you purchase, all profits will be put back into the website and business, enabling me to purchase and test other resources to hopefully recommend. Also please rest assured, that any resources I do recommend, I am recommending purely based on how useful I believe they are. Any potential earnings that I might make, will not be factored into this decision.

Finally, I will be promoting Six Figure Mentors, which is where I have learnt a lot about affiliate marketing, which is what I am referring to in the last paragraph. Six Figure Mentors, is an educational agency which has low cost training in how to be a successful online marketer. You can promote the agency (no this isn’t a pyramid scheme or a scam, as you will quickly discover) or promote some of the hundreds and thousands of products out there, or even find products to buy and sell yourself. All of this means you can work at home (or anywhere in the world you like!) like I am, giving you more time, more money, and less stress. Perfect for those of us with a mental illness(es)!